Developer: Martijn Froeling, PdD Name of software: QMRITools Abstract: QMRITools is written in Mathematica using Wolfram Workbench and Eclipse and contains a collection of tools and functions for processing quantitative MRI data. The software tools for spectroscopy are mostly focussed on 31P CSI analysis but do not exclude other nuclei and/or acquistion methods. The basic features include methods for manipulating and processing spectra (including PCA denoising and deconvolution), generation of basis spectra using j-coupling simulations and fitting of basis spectra to the spectra. Languages: Mathematica Credit: Please cite the publication mentioned below if you use QMRITools. A publication on the spectora specific tools is in preparation. Contact: m.froeling@umcutrecht.nl Publication:

  1. Froeling M: QMRTools: a Mathematica toolbox for quantitative MRI analysis. J Open Source Softw 2019; 4:1204. link
  2. Froeling M, et al.: Reproducibility of diffusion tensor imaging in human forearm muscles at 3.0 T in a clinical setting. Magn Reson Med 2010; 64:1182-1190. link
  3. Froeling M, et al.: Diffusion-tensor MRI reveals the complex muscle architecture of the human forearm. J Magn Reson Imaging 2012; 36:237-248. link URL: https://mfroeling.github.io/QMRITools/