This is a list of functional MRS datasets.

fMRS in pain

This is functional MRS (3T) during an in-scanner painful intervention. It contains 15 subjects’ baseline and functional spectra (TE = 22 ms) acquired at 3T from the human anterior cingulate cortex.

fMRS in pain
Developer Jessica Archibald, Erin MacMillan & John Kramer
Format Philips SDAT, data/list, nii
Sequence PRESS
License CC0 Creative Commons
Credit Please cite the following publication if you use the fMRS in pain dataset: Archibald J., MacMillan EL., Graf C., Kozlowski P., Laule C., Kramer J.L.K. ''Metabolite activity in the anterior cingulate cortex during a painful stimulus using functional MRS''. Sci Reports 2020

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