Data hosted in the MRSHub GitHub repository must be properly and completely de-identified and have institutional clearance to be shared.

For datasets hosted in an external repository, such as an institutional server or third-party cloud storage, it is your responsibility to comply with your institutional, legislative, and ethical requirements regarding data sharing.

By submitting any data to be hosted or linked on the MRSHub, you agree to assume all responsibility for complying with the requirements to remove all protected health information (PHI) from file names, headers, and files themselves. If you include anatomical data in your dataset, make sure that you make use of appropriate defacing algorithms as well. We assume no responsibility or liability for data that is improperly de-identified, or shared without institutional permission. Such data will be immediately removed.

You can find a list of de-identification tools in the MRSHub software collection.

If you see an instance of questionable data including PHI hosted in our repository or in a repository linked on the MRSHub website, please contact us through the forum so we can address the situation, or send us an e-mail (remove the dashes).